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Have you ever googled your own name? Go on…. I bet you have! I have, too! I also check what photos come up when I search for ‘face painters in Leipzig’ (Germany), where I live. It was while I was doing this, that something caught my eye. It was a very familiar photo...

Sponges are an essential part of the professional face painter’s kit although natural sponges are not routinely used in face painting. They are actually high-density foam shapes. They come in various shapes, sizes, pore size and firmness. Each type of sponge has its o...

Not a fan of Halloween gore? Not to worry, I have a huge number of face painting designs for those who prefer sweet over sour this time of year.

Part I – One-stroke paints What are they? Look at these little beauties! They are probably what I get asked about the most. They are what are known as ‘One-Stroke’ paints, i.e. you can paint many colours in just one stroke of the brush, usually using a ‘flat’ (angled...

As some of you may already know, my ‘raison d’être’ as a company is to make as many people as possible feel fantastic in their own skin. I work hard to provide

Hope you enjoy this new Tropical Leaf tutorial. Let me know if you have any questions about it, or show me how you get on having a go yourself!

Here's the link to the leaf template: Tropical leaves template

Have a great day!

It was a hot day. The fairground rides were playing their merry tune, the neighbouring hot dog stand was doing a roaring trade and so was I. My face painting stand was well located, right on one of the major paths through the park and had I had been painting now for al...

Is there an alternative to the beloved and now out-of-production Loew Cornell 795 series brushes? Find out here!