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Part I – One-stroke paints What are they? Look at these little beauties! They are probably what I get asked about the most. They are what are known as ‘One-Stroke’ paints, i.e. you can paint many colours in just one stroke of the brush, usually using a ‘flat’ (angled...

As some of you may already know, my ‘raison d’être’ as a company is to make as many people as possible feel fantastic in their own skin. I work hard to provide

Hope you enjoy this new Tropical Leaf tutorial. Let me know if you have any questions about it, or show me how you get on having a go yourself!

Here's the link to the leaf template: Tropical leaves template

Have a great day!

It was a hot day. The fairground rides were playing their merry tune, the neighbouring hot dog stand was doing a roaring trade and so was I. My face painting stand was well located, right on one of the major paths through the park and had I had been painting now for al...

Is there an alternative to the beloved and now out-of-production Loew Cornell 795 series brushes? Find out here!

Today I made some Bling. In case you are wondering why I’m planning to wear heavy gold dollar signs encrusted with diamonds round my neck, that’s not the sort of Bling I mean. In the face and body painting world Bling refers to clusters of gems attached to the skin...

My passion is to give people joy. Face and body painting have the power to transform how people feel about themselves. There is even archaeological evidence to........

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