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What has face painting got to do with archaeology??

My passion is to give people joy.

Face and body painting have the power to transform how people feel about themselves. There is even archaeological evidence to prove that we have had important emotional connections with it for more than 50,000 years!

Countless times in an hour whilst painting on the job I experience that ‘Mirror Moment’. By that I mean when a customer, whether young or old, looks in to the mirror for the first time after I have completed painting them. They grin, they roar, they act out Spiderman shooting webs, they suddenly sit taller, they feel pretty, they feel proud. I have helped them express themselves by transforming their appearance. I have helped them reconnect to this basic yet powerful emotion.

I believe that by offering the best face and body painting service and with a limitless portfolio of designs I can transform anyone into whatever they need to be. In doing so I can help make as many people as possible feel fantastic in their own skin.

This is why I am a face and body artist. And it’s possibly the best job in the world!

#Kinderschminken #Leipzig

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