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My Big Bling Theory- Part II

Welcome to the second installment of my blog post about Face and Body Art bling. If you missed the first, exciting installment you can read it here!

If you remember, I was attempting to start a movement away from the use of plastic-based bling clusters by face and body artists, and towards biodegradable ones (I’ve decided to call them BioBling).

Encouragingly the response has largely been a positive one, with requests about the materials I used. These are what I have experimented with so far and been pretty happy with:

Although my technique is quite rudimentary, I mentioned last week that i was sure we as creative people would quickly come up with advances. And I was not disappointed!

Please allow me to introduce you to Anne Savigny-Belléard, artist and owner of Les Pinceaux de la licorne face painting who tagged me in a post today to show me her version of BioBling. I’m going to make her BioBling Star of the Week!

Here’s what she posted:

The bling (apart from the heart of course) is made from paper using quilling. For those unaware of the technique, here’s a couple of informative websites to check out:

http://www.sweetspotcards.com/p/whats-quilling.html (English language)

https://www.vbs-hobby.com/blog/was-ist-quilling-73/ (German language)

I think this idea will be revolutionary! Here’s why…

  • Quilling is extremely versatile for making different shapes and forms in any colour. You can easily make the beloved tear-drop and other gem shapes to create beautiful, flowing clusters.

  • Quilling equipment is cheap and readily available.

  • Quilling can get addictive! I bet many creative face and body artists are already familiar with the technique, , and what a great, relaxing accompaniment to a glass of wine or the telly in the evening.

  • You can be safe in the knowledge that you are doing your bit for the environment.

What’s not to love? Thank you so much, Ann for sharing your new discovery.

I can’t wait to hear about all YOUR BioBling ideas. Drop me a line at finelinesfaceandbodyart@outlook.com

Maybe we can get enough people interested to start a Facebook support group for swapping ideas and developing new ones.

Thanks for checking in. Have a wonderful week!

Best wishes

Rosie Lieberman

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