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Life after 795

Disaster has struck!

Loew Cornell have announced they have stopped production of the beloved 795 series brushes (as well as a few other lines of brushes).

You may have already noticed that they are incredibly hard to get hold of these days. They are like gold dust and my first tip of the day is : if you find some, snap them up while you can! When stocks run out, that’s it. (I have found a secret source of them- keep reading to discover where you can still get them!)

These days there is a wealth of other available brands of brush, often being designed by face and body painters for face and body painters. But Loew Cornell brushes, though not designed especially for us, are still amongt my favourite.

Here’s why I like the 795 series so much:

  • The hair is quite long for good flowing lines.

  • The brush is very responsive, and it’s easy to go from thick to thin to thick again pretty easily.

  • They are soft, but not too soft.

  • They hold the paint well.

  • They have a reasonable width of handle for an easy grip.

  • They have a good point but not too pointy. You can still get good, round-ended tear drops.

  • They are (were) available in sizes 0-10.

  • They are (were) very reasonably priced.

  • They are (were) universally available (an important factor for those of us who don’t live in the states).

But I have been told of a new line of brushes which have been dubbed the ‘new’ Loew Cornell and thought I would test them out. They are the Round 1700 ‘Aliyah’ series from Brushes & More. Can disaster be averted?

The Trial

Here are the stats:

I can tell you they are remarkably similar brushes to look at. Both are made with white Taklon hair. The one thing that concerned my was that the Aliyah has a narrower head and therefore less hair. Would it make a difference to its performance?

With my eyes closed I can tell the difference between the two brushes (100% of the time) when I press down on the hairs. The Aliyah is a softer brush ( I assume this is due to the narrower hair width).

But as you can see from the photos, there really isn’t any discernible difference between painted results. Theoretically the narrower hair should make the Aliyah not load paint so well. However the slightly longer and softer bristles don’t seem to affect the Aliyah’s performance.

The one thing I can’t measure, however, is how durable the Aliyah brushes are. I guess I’ll let you know in a couple of years!


  • The ‘Aliyah’ 1700 series from Brushes & More is a great substitute to the Loew Cornell 795 range.

  • The only downside that I can see is that the Aliyah is currently only available from one online shop in the USA- ‘Brushes & More’.

Brushes & More (based in the US) still seem to have a stock of both Loew Cornell and Aliyah brushes! Mine took about 2 weeks to ship, hassle-free, from the USA to Germany.

Hope that’s useful! Have a great day and until next time.

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