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Kit Corner- a guide to the professional face painter's kit

This is my current painting set-up when I’m out on a job. It’s so colourful and eye-catching, and I just love it!

Whilst working I’m frequently asked questions about my kit from interested on-lookers. So, over the coming weeks I thought I would share with you some of the contents of my kit, what they are and how I use them. Any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at finelinesfaceandbodyart@outlook.com

Part I – One-stroke paints

What are they?

Look at these little beauties! They are probably what I get asked about the most.

They are what are known as ‘One-Stroke’ paints, i.e. you can paint many colours in just one stroke of the brush, usually using a ‘flat’ (angled or straight) brush.

Here’s a flat (angled) brush loaded with the rainbow paint marked in the above photo. Fabulous, isn’t it?

How to they work?

The idea of using many colours on one brush actually originates from outside the face-painting world. Have you heard of Donna Dewberry? She is the queen of one-stroke painting, especially flowers. Google her name and you will see her inspirational paintings everywhere. She loads her flat brush with liquid acrylic paints, dabbing each end of the brush hairs into different colours of liquid paint, then blending the colours on the brush on a little on a practice bit of paper before painting the motif.

Being the creative people we are, face painters have taken the process one step further! By having all the colours ready side-by-side in the paint container, brush loading is really quick and effective and as there is already a certain amount of blending, we can remove the blending step. This is only possible as we use paints with a much more solid consistency that just require water (i.e. a wet brush) to activate them.

Why are they so loved by professional face painters?

One-stroke paints are a firm favourite with professional face painters. Once you have the skills to use them correctly they can be used for almost anything, from roses, to superhero masks, to rainbows! One-stroke paints are perfect for anything that either needs beautiful colour combinations (e.g. butterflies) or a 3-D feel.

If you want to see one-stroke technique in action, check out this video of my rose tutorial…

Well, I’ve just made a whole new selection of one-stroke cakes and can’t wait to spend my day bringing more colour to the world and making people feel fantastic in their own skin.

See you there!

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