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Trick....or treat?

Not a fan of Halloween gore and grime?

Do you feel a close connection to nature and the changing of the seasons?

Do you love the cosy feeling when you see the plants and animals around you preparing for winter?

It may be that traditional Halloween celebrations, with all its gore and grime, unpleasant and uncomfortably gruesome motives, doesn't resonate with you so much.

You prefer to celebrate the beauty and wonder of nature at this time of year.

Well, help is at hand! Face painting at this time of year doesn't nee to be all skulls, zombies, bloody wounds, witches and ghosts. I have a huge number of face painting designs for those who prefer sweet over sour this time of year. And designs can be tailored to fit with your specific theme of your Autumn event.

The possibilities are endless and so colourful! Beautiful autumn leaves, cobwebs, kites flying in the breeze, autumn flowers, pumpkins, forest animals

So let's celebrate nature together. Inquire now about seasonal entertainment for your upcoming event!


Wishing you a cosy weekend .

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