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4 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Pay More for a Face Painter at Your Next Event

1. YOU are protecting your guests.

Professional-grade face and body paints, though not cheap, have been thoroughly tested and proven safe for use on skin. Just google ‘bad face paint reactions’ (if you dare!) to see some horrific cases of the inappropriate use of paints on skin. Cheap paints = risk to your guests.

A pro will also take hygiene of their equipment seriously (It takes me at least an hour after a gig to properly sanitize my kit and keep my customers safe). This time is factored in to the cost of services.

2. YOU protect yourself as the host.

All good professional face painters who take their work seriously are insured. Whilst this poses as an extra cost, it gives you peace of mind should anything go wrong.

3. YOU get a better quality of service.

Professional face painters incur many hidden costs when providing a top-notch service: from travel expenses and equipment, uniform and stationary costs to bank fees and phone/electricity costs.

Professional face painters take hundreds of hours honing their skills. Taking part in regular and high-quality training workshops, using special training equipment, and getting certified ensures that your artist is quicker and more skilled to give your guests a better experience and get the long waiting lines moving faster.

Perhaps you are also paying the artist to spend time working on new designs so that you have custom entertainment for your themed event.

Experienced face painters will also be able to help you with queries or problems you have with the planning of your event in the consultation phase, and will have a streamlined booking service which will save you time and stress.

4. YOU get a happier face painter.

This factor should not to be underestimated!!! A well-paid face painter will feel more appreciated and motivated to give you their best, and often go beyond your expectations when you hire them. A face painter often starts in the entertainment industry because they love the work. But to stay in business, and indeed, improve what they can offer their clients, they depend on being able to live on what they earn and invest their company.

So next time you are looking for a face painter, please don’t automatically go for the cheapest. There is a huge difference between painters who take their job seriously and strive to give their clients the best service possible, and those who paint for fun. Ask the right questions (e.g. do you have insurance?) and YOU will realize the benefit of paying that little bit more.

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