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Having trouble finding your perfect face or body painter? 12 questions to ask potential candidates

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

It’s a busy world out there. With tens if not hundreds of face and body painters to choose from, how do you work out who is the best fit for your entertainment needs?

I’ve come up with 11 essential questions that you should be asking in order to find a high quality, reliable entertainer ***Note that price is not one of them (I’ll get to that in a later blog post)***

Just let me know if you need any more help - email me at finelinesfaceandbodyart@outlook.com

Good luck!

  1. Are you insured?

  2. What qualifications do you hold as a face painter?

  3. What sort of paints do you use and are they suitable for use on skin?

  4. What sort of glitter do you use? (Is it biodegradable?)

  5. Have you got a website which I can take a look at to check out your latest designs?

  6. Are all of the photos shown on your website and Facebook/Instagram page of your own work?

  7. Please describe your work hygiene routine (very IMPORTANT! It helps to keep your guests safe). Important things to find out include: do they use a new sponge for every guest? Do they use a new cotton-bud for every guest to apply paint or lipstick to the lips, avoiding using a paintbrush? Do they use a suitable brush cleaner whilst working ('Brush Bath')? Do they use fresh water for painting every guest? How often do they sterlize their hands whilst working? How often do they clean their kit?

  8. Can I see a photo of your kit from while you are working? (check for organisation, cleanliness etc. )

  9. Is face painting your full-time work or is it your hobby?

  10. Do you have references?

  11. Do you have other events to entertain at on the day of my event? If so, how many?

  12. What are your terms and conditions if I need to cancel?

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