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Unternehmerin, Künstlerin und Kinderschminkleherin bei Fine Lines Face and Body Art, Rosie Lieberman

Once upon a time there was a veterinary surgeon in England who knew she had yet to find her true calling.


Knowing she was an ‘artsy’ sort of person (she was a self-taught artist and a semi-professional musician), on the morning of the veterinary practice family day her boss asked her to man the face painting ‘stall’. Actually, there was just a cup with water, one misshapen brush, a small palette of cheap face paints and 2 tiny chairs. With zero experience but always up for a challenge she agreed to do it.


She had the best afternoon at work that she had ever had! Creating smiles and joy with a few quick flicks of the brush and a splash of colour was a million miles away from squeezing the stinky ends of beloved pets and giving owners sad (or expensive) news. The designs definitely weren’t going to win any best child-painted-as-a-sort-of-tiger competition, but that didn’t matter. She came away from that open day knowing that her world had shifted slightly on its’ axis.


A move to Leipzig (Germany) in 2013 with her young family meant that face painting had to take a back seat while they settled in to their new life there. Stumbling about in the wilderness of unfamiliarity and not speaking the language, even the simplest of things took a lot of effort: finding and registering at a childrens’ doctors, then trying to fill out all those forms when she got there; buying a tram ticket; asking where they kept the milk in the supermarket….


She spent 2 1/2 years attending a language school and eventually gained a C1 certificate in German (University level).  Despite all this, it was always a relief to meet a fellow English-speaker. Words flowed without effort. She could be funny, make people laugh. She could be herself. And it was always an immediate bonding experience. Each knew what the other had been through, understood the upheaval, understood the loneliness, and talked each other’s language.


She began to realise that she was in a unique position to help other people who were in a similar situation. To be their shoulder to lean on, give advice on relocating and finding their way around, and to offer an English-speaking entertainment service. How much easier her life would have been if she had found someone like that at the start!


She continued to improve her face and body painting skills, and indeed is very proud, after intensive studies, to have earned her Diploma from the International Face Painting School.


Rosie, the veterinary surgeon-turned-artist is very much looking forward to getting to know you and help you in your pursuit of happiness and great entertainment!

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Handy: 0171 1848104

Sprechstunden: Täglich 10 Uhr bis 12 Uhr

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