Which paints do you recommend for me to try at home?

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Firstly it is important to know which paints NOT to use.

  • NEVER use paints bought e.g. on Amazon or even in your local supermarket that are made in China and without a brand name. They have NO proven safety record and are associated with severe skin reactions and burns (you just need to google 'face paint reactions' to see some horrific cases.).

  • I also don't recommend Snazaroo or Eulenspiegel paints. These are very safe paints, but are of a very disappointing quality, despite being expensive.  

Recommended paints:

I always recommend professional grade face and body paints, even to beginners. They have both proven safety records and are of a high quality. They are easy to use, giving vibrant and satisfying results (a factor not to be underestimated when you start out!).

Here in Germany there are no shops to visit to buy professional face paints, so I have to rely on dedicated face and body painting shops online. The ones listed below are the ones I use the most and are reliable, helpful and packed with fantastic products (I take no responsibility for the content of external websites):

www.facepaintshop.eu (based in the Netherlands)

www.thefacepaintingshop.com (based in the UK)

www.facepaintsdirect.co.uk (based in the UK)

If you visit these sites you may be overwhelmed with the amount of choice! I always recommend the brand 'Diamond FX' to any beginners. They are medium-priced, excellent paints with a huge choice of colours (You can also buy these on Amazon but they are expensive).

Drop me a line if you need any more help! finelinesfaceandbodyart@outlook.com

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